Lowry-Engle Cemetery
Clement Engle Farm PA

The Engle Farm is on the hill in the distance.

engle farm on the hillside

This picture is take from the east pointing west with the Bill Mast house on the right side middle of the screen. Imagine the tornado coming right at you through what used to be green trees. Engles Mill Road runs to the bottom left corner AND in a "Z" pattern up the hill in the distance. Over the hill directly through the "hole" in the trees cut by the tornado is Salisbury, PA. Piney Creek runs across the center of the photo.

Above the Mast Farm is the Englewood Farm (the original Clement Engle Farm). The farmhouse is dead center to the right of the white road.

contour map of Engle Farm

To get to the Clement Engle cemetery: Just before you get to the Englewood Farmhouse from the Mast Farm there is a red gate on the south side of the road. The pasture that you see to the left of the farm buildings continues up the hill toward the left. The tree line continues also. The cemetery is located at the top of the pasture about 50 yards to the left of what you can see in the picture. It is through the red gate and about 1/4 mile through the pasture to the line of trees where the cemetery was located. BEWARE: the fence is electrified. You can crawl under it though without any trouble.

There is a Revolutionary War Veteran marker in the cemetery near Clement's unmarked grave. There are other Engle and Lowry grave stones also.

Name DayMo YrBorn DayMo. YrDied Age Relative
Clement Engle {no markers(1)}   (2)        
Elizabeth Engle (no markers)   (3)        
John (S) Engle 1/21(4) 1787 3/1 1863 75yr1mo21dys  
Sally Engle 4/21 1791 3/11 1847 55yr10mo20dys (5)
Sarah Engle 2/24 1827 5/15 1853 26yr2mo21dy (6)
William S Engle * (7) 6/10 1886 1yr10dy29dy Son-J &S Engle
Lydia Engle(8) * * 6/29 1853 22yr6mo15dy Wife/Daughter
George Lowry/John Engle
George Lowry 10/5 1820 4/29 1903   Father
Lucinda Lowry 11/2 1830 7/17 1908   Mother(9)
* Lowry (10)           Dau G&L Lowry
* Lowry (10)           Dau G&L Lowry
John Lowry   (11) 10/27 1851 3yr1mo29dy Son G&L Lowry
Daniel Meese (12) * * 5/6 1874 51yr  
* (Field Stone)       1815 (13)
* (Field Stone)       1804   (14)
Catherine Chorpenning     6/7 1895 87yr0mo7dys (15)
DxUxNxIxDxC       1792   ExSxSxCxMxE (16)
(27 Field Stones)           (all umarked)
    Notes for Cemetery
  1. In 1998 Patrick Engle recorded that there was a Revolutionary War Marker marking his grave. See picture below.
  2. Clement's birth record was found in Klingenthal France for Clemens Engels born 30 Dec 1748.
  3. Elizabeth Graeff born 21 Jan 1757 in Switzerland. First wife of Clemens. Second wife Margaret buried in the old Salisbury cemetery with her parents.
  4. John S Engle, son of Clemens, born 7 Oct 1787 according the the Berlin Church records.
  5. Sally Engle (nee Salome Sterner) first wife of of John S.
  6. Sarah Engle d/o John S. first wife of Daniel Meese.
  7. William Sherman Engle s/o John J. Engle s/o John S. born in 1884.
  8. Lydia Engle d/o John S. first wife of George Lowry
  9. Lucinda (nee Lucinda beachy) second of George Lowry. No record of children to date.
  10. Apparently died before baptism. Mother could be Lydia or Lucinda.
  11. Records show John Lowry born 10 Oct 1847
  12. Unknown if Daniel Meese laborer on the farm or a land owner.
  13. John S. could have had the death of an unbaptized in that year.
  14. Clement had 3 children born in 1780s who did not live to adulthood. Michael had left town by then.
  15. Catherine birth record in Berlin Church in 1804. Family from Alsace in 1751. Relationship to the Engle/Lowry family unknown.
  16. Abbreviations common on small stones. Last letters could stand for Catherine and Michael Engle. They had a son Jacob born in 1889 who could have died in 1792.
  17. Unmarked field stones arranged as if marking graves. 27 counted.

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